Donate Cars And Save Lives

Describe Car Donations

Car donation is giving away vehicles that remain no longer in use to someone in need. The practice to donate cars is gaining popularity in the United States on account of following reasons:

Tax Considerations

Seemingly an easy way of tax reduction, the process actually involves certain post-donation requirements. For example, the donor has to get a written acknowledgement of the car, after donation from the charity.

Some critics also claim that car donation is actually a way for tax deduction for the donor. However, charity organizations have started relying heavily upon the revenue generated by these car donations. This type of donation has increasingly become popular as it benefits both the organization and the owner.

Benefit to Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations benefit from car donations by using the acquired money for their own charity programs.

Ideally, people should also investigate on how their money is being utilized by the charity organizations, thereby making sure their hard-earned money is spent wisely.

Donate Cars and Save Lives

We can find several societies working to get charity cars, and using the obtained money for cancer cure, kidney cure and other diseases.

There are foundations that use the money generated by car donations to cure kidney diseases. They claim kidney diseases to be curable, if diagnosed at an early stage. Similarly, some are working for cancer cure. They say that if you donate a car to their society, the proceeds will be used in the fight against cancer. Not only this, they will be utilized in raising funds for cancer research, education, advocacy, and patient service programs as well. Moreover, there are other clubs working on other issues and are in need of your car donations, always.

In a nutshell, if you donate cars, you save the precious lives of those who can’t afford the costly healthcare charges / insurances.

Donate Cars to Help Millions

Those who are interested in involving themselves in charity for the well being of the needy, they shall donate cars that are not used by them since this donation can change the life of hapless people in a significant manner. Nowadays, car donation has become a much exercised practice in the realms of charity and the number of car received by different charities is rising tremendously.

Which Car To Be Donated?

There is no limitation to the type of car that has to be donated. Most of the vehicles donated are cars, trucks, motorcycle, SUV, RV and even a boat. Charity via car donation is a fast process and renders results immediately. There are innumerable non government organizations that accept no-longer-wanted vehicles by picking them for free or you can also drop them yourself.

Considerations For Car Donation

Donors intending to donate cars have to consider certain key points before indulging into charity. Firstly, they should select an organization that is reputed in handling car donations and utilizing the money for the benefit of needy. Secondly, donor has to follow state rules pertaining to paper work of plates and tags. Thirdly, the donor has to make sure that his car has been sold at an auction by  collecting a written sale acknowledgment or whatever mode the organization chooses for selling it, and the money thus collected is used for charity purposes only.

Value Of Car To Be Determined

People still remains unclear about determining the value of the car and its relation with tax deduction. As per IRS rules, every donor is allowed to ask for a tax deduction if the value of the car is up to $500. In those cases, where the value of the vehicle exceeds $500, the donor will receive a post card from the IRS detailing his tax deductions.

Donate cars that are no longer in usage, as there are countless people awaiting your charity, and it really makes a difference.